About Us

We Create The Body You Desire

We are a cosmetic surgery center that helps you get the body of your dreams; we offer safe and personalized treatments using state-of-the-art procedures. Our highly skilled team has an eye for beauty to ensure that you have lasting satisfaction. We give quality services and high standards of healthcare to make sure you get the transformation you desire.

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Company Values


To help achieve perfection of the body through tender care.


To be the preferred body enhancement center in Africa.

What We Offer

Painless Procedures

Our procedures are highly effective and totally pain-free. We make use of procedures that produce result without jeopardizing your health.

Safe & Secure Surgeries

Our experts and care personnel ensure that all our procedures are safe, secure and absolutely satisfactory.

Advanced Technology

We boast of world-class facilities and advanced technologies that help to facilitate successful surgeries.

Experienced Doctors

Our certified and experienced personnel are always at hand to ensure that you get the dream look of your desire.

Our Specialist Doctors

Dr.Guillermo Bluggerman
Cosmetic Surgery - M.D, pH.D
Specialist in plastic surgery and distinguished surgeon in hair restoration
Dr.Abayomi Ajayi
Cosmetic Surgery - MBBS, FWACS
Certified gynecologist and specialist in cosmetic surgery